((1.)) For each registered user, unique Link (URL) is automatically generated. ((2.)) The user collects 1 (one) Point for each demand sent via his/her own link (URL). These are called Demand Points. ((3.)) The user collects 1 (one) Point when the membership fee is paid after the membership application (sent via his/her own link (URL)). These are called Membership Points. ((4.)) The user cannot transfer his/her own points to another account. If more than one link (URL) are clicked before the action (Demand or Membership), points can be collected only for the most recently clicked link (URL). ((5.)) To collect points again, the same link (URL) must be clicked again, then the necessary actions must be completed. ((6.)) It can take up to 7 days for points to appear on the account. To ensure that the process runs smoothly, the web browser must remain open and cookies must be active. Points cannot be collected if the browser or cookies are turned off during the process. ((7.)) When the user collects a certain amount of points, he or she can get a gift. For one gift ("1 gram Gold Bar, 24 karat"), the user must collect 5 (five) Membership Points and 250 (two hundred and fifty) Demand Points. ((8.)) In order to receive the gift, the user must send an email(recipient's address, telephone and name / surname information) to from user's registered email address. However, gifts cannot be sent to addresses outside the United States. ((9.)) can order a gift from any E-Commerce website. Delivery times may vary. ((10.)) The user can send the gift to another person. ((11.)) Gifts are sent once a month, in the first week of each month. is not responsible for delivery problems. ((12.)) reserves the right to change the campaign at any time.
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