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646044075 Other Spare Parts- 2018-06-17 01:01:48 >>Send Message<< Alan Washington Seattle On behalf of the Jackson Park Pea Patch I acquired a non-working Stihl KM 55 powerhead and got it running. Now it needs some attachments, specifically a weed eater and hedge pruner. Maybe you have a dead Stihl Kombi powerhead and wonder what to do with the attachments- and maybe we can make a deal. >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1006103742 Damaged Vehicles- 2018-06-28 01:35:07 >>Send Message<< Walter Hawaii Im walter Im lookn for a small car or small truck in good shape that mite need sum mechanical stuff to make it run or one thats in good shape thats reasonabled priced!! for my son can maybe buy it or if interested do some tradeing Im a automovite mechanic for 30 yrs and maybe work out sumthing to fix a vehicle for you? i also fix lawn mowers golf carts diesels ect if u care to..just email me if u can help!!Im well know in springtownm and can give refrences to my work.. thanks >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
849633043 Housing-For Sale 2018-06-28 01:32:15 >>Send Message<< Raymond Texas Dallas We are a team of motivated and dedicated Investors who are looking to buy your home in any condition as-is with cash! We pride ourselves in closing on homes in 3 days or less! Please contact us for more information on getting started and we look forward to your business! God bless >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1569836643 Other Shopping- 2018-06-25 05:59:36 >>Send Message<< Oliver Florida Arcadia We pay cash for restaurant equipment, call today.... get cash today... >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
294957115 Commercial Vehicles-Bus and Minibus 2018-07-09 05:36:09 >>Send Message<< Simon Washington Seattle Hi Ill buy in any condition, also parts ones , no title ok, Email what you have and condition, or send pictures, thanks.Vw van,window Van, Volkswagon Bus , t1 t2 t3 tT4 T5 Transporter, Eurovan, Safari, Campmobile,microbus,camper van, kombi, transporter,panel Van, barn door Van , split window, minibus,Split Screen ,Splittie etc. thanks >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1902265415 Automobile-Mazda 2018-06-27 14:37:23 >>Send Message<< Harry Georgia Allentown I am looking to buy a Mazda 5 or 6 or similar style. Looking for a 2012 or newer with under 100 thousand miles. Must have current emission. >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1004221855 Maid- 2018-06-17 00:45:59 >>Send Message<< Mary Delaware Bethany Beach *** LOOKING FOR A CLEANER THAT CAN DO A 6 HOUR "REGULAR/BASIC" CLEANING IN HEMET, STARTING MONDAY THE 11TH AT 9AM, THEN EVERY 4TH MONDAY AFTER THAT. Will add more cleanings if that goes well. Flexible days and hours! Must have your own reliable vehicle, your own cell phone, previous cleaning experience for money, your own email address, speak fluent English, and love to clean!!! OK if currently working with other agencies - can work with their schedules. >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1541188708 Damaged Vehicles- 2018-11-01 09:18:41 >>Send Message<< Rick Florida Altoona Any car any condition , we buy it and pay you the most show We paid top dollar for junk cars Running or not No title no problem >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
2100151612 Book And Magazine- 2018-06-17 01:04:35 >>Send Message<< Maik R New York Im paying fair CASH $$$ for your comic book collection from the 1930s to present. I purchase collections of all sizes, all publishers / titles and I am seeking comics from all eras. Also buying comic book related collectibles such as graphic novels, graded comics, statues / busts, original comic book art, magazines and much more. If you have a collection to sell you can reach me at iletşm bil göster seven days a week or anytime by e-mail at the reply button with your name and phone >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
727685665 Home Electronics- 2018-06-25 05:42:14 >>Send Message<< Arnold California Los Angeles Looking to Buy Pioneer VCR Mini DV and DVD/HD Combo Recorder >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
706574550 Home Electronics-Sound Systems 2018-06-18 03:11:51 >>Send Message<< Scott Michigan I want to buy your old school radio. Boombox, ghetto blaster, boom box. No cd players. 80s type radios. The one your dad has collecting dust in the attic, garage, basement is fine. Looking for sanyo, Sharp,jvc, Conion,helix, Panasonic, etc. Big black and or silver is fine. Bigger the better. Get CASH NOW. Send make and model number in email. Pic is helpful. Condition doesnt matter. I have a collection and can use the parts as well. >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
285163374 Pets-Bird 2018-06-18 03:17:38 >>Send Message<< Winston New York Buffalo Wanted: Extra Large Bird Cage !!! Like 26 inches deep, 38 inches wide, 5-6 feet high Hi, Im looking for a large bird cage for my Cockatoo bird. Im in Brooklyn and I am willing to travel ! >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1550996989 Watercraft- 2018-06-25 23:12:24 >>Send Message<< Andrew Illinois Chicago Im looking for broken jet skis and boats to repair. Perfer to do wholesale but I will also fix personal ones. >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1541456574 Computer- 2018-11-05 05:33:27 >>Send Message<< Richard Alabama I buy Apple products for cash, please call today! Laptops, Monitors, PC, Tabs, Smartphones >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1784217744 Cellphone- 2018-06-18 03:01:12 >>Send Message<< Gilbert New York We will pay quick cash if you are looking to get rid of an iPhone. New or used. Cracked or perfect condition. Must send us your name, condition of phone, and IMEI number. No stolen phones. Will meet in a public place. >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1835824906 Agriculture-Tractor 2018-07-03 03:33:57 >>Send Message<< Delbert Massachusetts Wanting repairable no longer used garden or small utility tractors. Will pay reasonable price. >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1087380373 Automobile-Mazda 2018-06-18 03:05:03 >>Send Message<< Justin New York Hi there, I am looking for a mazda Miata mx-5 1990-2005 in need of help, Before you scrap or junk, or donate it call me at 516-661-3053 Cash paid!!! >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1865350815 Home Electronics- 2018-06-18 02:59:21 >>Send Message<< Donald New York Oceanside residents, recycle your old electronics for free! Mainly looking for desktop computers but we will recycle ANY electronic component you may have. If it plugs in, we will take it. Help protect our environment and resources by keeping electronics out of landfills and incinerators. Simply send an email of what you have and we will arrange to pick it up right from your house and recycle it in a safe manner. Looking forward to hearing from you! >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
938711110 Music Instruments- 2018-06-18 03:20:07 >>Send Message<< Pat B. New Jersey I will go to you.I buy musical instruments Drums,Saxophones,Accordions Guitars & amps,Horns,Banjos Mandolin,Violins,Chelos,Basses, Clarinets and more. Call with make and model or while you are looking at the instrument. I will ask you questions including your asking price and should be able to let you know if I would be interested in purchasing your item. If we agree I can come to you or you can bring it to me to purchase the item. You can text me or call me at a reasonable hour >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1385085478 Female Roommate- 2018-06-09 12:07:29 >>Send Message<< Lisa Georgia Alston cats are OK - purrr dogs are OK - wooof I am interested in sharing a 2/2 apartment with one other person (not couples or families). There is a 2/2 available at Kreekview (bordering Hoover and Vestavia) in August. I am easygoing and open-minded. I have lived with male and female roommates of varying ages without any problems. >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
846399543 Accessory-Automobile 2018-06-27 22:53:54 >>Send Message<< Tony Connecticut Middletown WANTED 2001 TOYOTA TACOMA FENDER FLARES and SMALL GENERATOR >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1460075488 Housing-For Rent 2018-06-17 00:51:32 >>Send Message<< Lily Alabama Douglas I am a single mother in need of at least a 2 bedroom house or apt. I am employed and can pay rent. Just need a home for my family ASAP. May someone out there feel my pain and have a home to help my family. >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1541515475 Watercraft- 2018-11-05 05:39:24 >>Send Message<< Mike Florida Ocala Wanted small outboard motors I buy small outboard motors from 6 hp up to 35 hp, I am looking for tiller steer models! Running or needing some work. >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1544388833 Cellphone- 2018-12-09 12:36:36 >>Send Message<< Jayden Arizona Anthem I am looking for iPod classics 160GB 120GB. I have a cash for that. You can send me message with photos... >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1066713626 Damaged Vehicles- 2018-06-25 05:46:41 >>Send Message<< Boris New York I am looking to buy a 66 to 70 Chevelle project, it is ok if it is heavily rusted, incomplete, with or without engine, not running, Lost or no Title, DMV fees, etc. Let me know what you have and and a price, I am a serious buyer with CASH in hand and a trailer ready to pick it up the same day wherever you have it no matter if you are hours away. >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1541484897 Watches,Jewellery,Precious Stones- 2018-11-05 05:31:58 >>Send Message<< David Kentucky Brownsville Hello I will pay instant cash for your unwanted Gold Any quantity and in any conditions From broken gold and jewelry to quality gold pieces. Rings, class rings, bracelets, necklaces, charms, etc. Always paying very competitive prices Buying for over 20 years Turn your unwanted Gold items into instant cash. >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
396869194 Small Farm Animals-Goat 2018-06-25 23:14:12 >>Send Message<< Samuel New Mexico We will take Unwanted Healthy Goats Can meet or pick up. Thanks >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1539038109 Computer- 2018-10-08 04:55:00 >>Send Message<< Brian Connecticut New London I am a student filmmaker in the DFW that needs a 1990s computer (ideally an iMac G3) for use as a prop in my upcoming film. Working condition is highly preferable. >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
1324553874 Housing-For Sale 2018-06-25 06:03:31 >>Send Message<< Wesley Oklahoma We will buy your house "as is" FAST - ALL CASH - fair offer. No commissions! No fees! Close fast! Walk away with your money today! >>COMMENTS<< [X]DELETE
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